We replicate the originality of your car using a range of equipment and techniques

Our fabricators have been expertly trained and have a broad range of knowledge and experience across a comprehensive variety of makes, models, and ages of vehicles. Our team is committed to restoring and replicating the originality of the cars in their care using a range of equipment and techniques appropriate to the original craftsmanship. Our sheet metal forming facilities and tools are extensive – including; CNC plasma cutter, English Wheel, shrinkers, stretchers, benders, and formers. The Project Heaven team has the ability and skills to make any body panel or component in any material. Our onsite, expert materials engineer is always available to review, advise and discuss processes and methodology with our clients. We like to ensure our customers are well informed, knowing the reasons and purposes of techniques used. This gives our clients the assurance they may need to feel their car looks original and is structurally safe.

Our full restorations are carried out on a rotisserie to ensure full access during welding repairs and all alignments are carried out on our Celette Jig.

Our Specialities

Here are some of the inhouse facilities and services we can offer, ensuring quality can be strictly controlled and projects aren’t delayed.

Classic and vintage car restoration
Complete Restoration
Classic Car Paint
Classic Car Bodywork
Classic Car Fabrication
CNC Machining
CNC Component Manufacture/Machining
Specialist Machining & Balancing
Specialist Machining/Balancing
Classic Car Engine, gearbox and axle building
Engine/Gearbox Building
Classic car Electronic Fuel Injection Conversions
EFI Conversions
Classic Car Trimming
Rolling Road tuning for Classic Cars
Dyno Tuning
Classic Restoration - Shot Blasting
Electric Vehicle Conversions
Electric Conversions