E.F.I. Conversions

Future proof your classic by undertaking an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) conversion. We can also retrofit modern technology to your specification, for comfort, convenience or coolness.

Electronic Fuel Injection

Improve power, fuel economy, reliability and engine lifespan by changing carburetted systems to fuel-injected intakes. Project Heaven can preserve original aesthetics by installing fuel rails built into throttle bodies, and concealing injection systems within original lines. Using our very own designed Classic ECU fuel management and mappings, we offer fully sequential ignition and injection and have developed one-of-a-kind Liquid LPG fuel injection conversions.


We also regularly undertake the following conversions;

Power steering conversions A/C conversions Electronic distribution install Calliper and disc conversions Hydraulic clutch installations

Our Specialities

Here are some of the inhouse facilities and services we can offer, ensuring quality can be strictly controlled and projects aren’t delayed.

Classic and vintage car restoration
Complete Restoration
Classic Car Paint
Classic Car Bodywork
Classic Car Fabrication
CNC Machining
CNC Component Manufacture/Machining
Specialist Machining & Balancing
Specialist Machining/Balancing
Classic Car Engine, gearbox and axle building
Engine/Gearbox Building
Classic car Electronic Fuel Injection Conversions
EFI Conversions
Classic Car Trimming
Rolling Road tuning for Classic Cars
Dyno Tuning
Classic Restoration - Shot Blasting
Electric Vehicle Conversions
Electric Conversions