CNC Component Manufacture & Machining

Component Restoration/Repair | CNC Manufacturing | Finishing & Assembly

The age and rarity of many vehicles can make the acquisition of parts very expensive, or impossible.  But with our two dedicated CNC machine shops and highly skilled operators, we can offer specialist in-house component manufacture and machining, which ensures quality expediency. Our outstanding team, who consistently produce a high standard of work has machined rough cast cylinder heads, piston crowns, flywheels, con rod bushes, clutch mechanisms, combustion chambers, wheel centres, billet wheels, supercharger casings, pulleys, driveshafts, and one-off specialist commissions. If you require component manufacture, our team can design or collaboratively work with you to review, adapt and finalise your designs, ready for manufacture.

Our Specialities

Here are some of the inhouse facilities and services we can offer, ensuring quality can be strictly controlled and projects aren’t delayed.

Classic and vintage car restoration
Complete Restoration
Classic Car Paint
Classic Car Bodywork
Classic Car Fabrication
CNC Machining
CNC Component Manufacture/Machining
Specialist Machining & Balancing
Specialist Machining/Balancing
Classic Car Engine, gearbox and axle building
Engine/Gearbox Building
Classic car Electronic Fuel Injection Conversions
EFI Conversions
Classic Car Trimming
Rolling Road tuning for Classic Cars
Dyno Tuning
Classic Restoration - Shot Blasting
Electric Vehicle Conversions
Electric Conversions